Admissions Guide

The steps to securing a spot for a NEW student at our open-enrollment charter are to visit the school premises to apply, take a tour of school, write the Merton entrance exams and then make payment to secure a spot. Students that wish to return for the next school year should fill the forms provided and indicate to the school their intentions to take this action. Completing the application means you become a member of the Merton International School family.

Take A Tour

Our friendly staff will provide you with a tour of the school and provide you with pertinent information about Merton – our approach, our track record, our services and fees.


To Apply, pick up and complete the enrollment forms at our Administration front desk.

Write Entrance Exams

Once the application process is complete, you will receive information for a scheduled entrance exams. The exams will determine applicants acceptance to the School.

Secure A Spot

Make payment of fees to secure a spot for your ward after a successful outcome with the entrance exams. Students who wish to return for the next school year will indicate and make payment as well.

Take a look at the various Cambridge programmes Merton International School offers.

‘Established in 1998, Merton International Primary and School profiles a student body which are buoyant in their physical activity, keen in their cognitive reception, practical in their application and pliant to the values that underscore the finest qualities of the World Citizen.’