Cambridge IGCSE Programme

Forms 1 to 3 offer a pre-IGCSE programme in preparation for the IGCSE proper. The subjects include English, French, Literature, Geography, History, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, ICT, Physical Education and Art.


In Form 4 when students embark on the two-year IGCSE course. There are several options open to them but Merton offers the aforestated choices.

Groups IGCSE
Group 1 English and French (First Language, Second Language, Foreign Language, etc.)
Group 2 Humanities and Social Science (Geography, English Literature, History, Economics etc.)
Group 3 Sciences (Biology  Chemistry  Physics, etc)
Group 4 Mathematics (Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, etc)
Group 5 Creative, Technical and Vocational (Accounting, Business Studies, ICT, Art and Design, etc)

A typical student’s subject combination would be as follows:
Group 1: English & French
Group 2: Literature & History
Group 3: Biology & Chemistry
Group 4: Mathematics
Group 5: ICT & Business studies

The school aims for the prestigious ICE Certification which means that students would have to offer a minimum of seven (7) subjects from all the Subject-Groups, plus an additional language rather than a maximum of five-(5) subjects that lead to the award of an IGCSE certificate.

The competencies outlined by the CIE are clearly stated in their syllabi and the Departmental schemes and plans are derived from them. In Groups 3 and 4, candidates are expected to calculate, define and describe; investigate, judge and draw conclusions among other things. In Groups 1 and 2, the ability to select, organize and use information is particularly sought for as they are in Group 5. In addition to these core skills, the supplementary ones of analyses, syntheses and evaluation which ensure the much-coveted grades of A*- C are what teaching will lead to.

In the run-up to subject choices by students in the third term of Year 9, the IGCSE Secondary Headteacher and the Vice-Principal will guide students through the selection process through explanations and references to student precedents. Emphases will be laid on future careers, our stated mission and students desire to explore other subjects.

Established in 1998, Merton International Primary and High School profile a student body who are buoyant in their physical activity keen in their cognitive reception practical in their application and pliant to the values that underscore the finest qualities of the World Citizen.