Merton Voices

From the moment you join the Merton International family, you join an extensive and inspiring group of men and women who have embarked on their adult lives to become world-class citizens with a passion for exploration and life-long learning. There are so many we could mention, but here are just a few of their stories …

Shaina Anuseh Class of 2020

Having spent my entire school life from Nursery to High school in Merton International School, I am proud and privileged to call myself a real Merton child of the world. Merton has truly shaped me into what I am today, teaching me values and lessons that I will forever carry with me for the rest of my life. To me, Merton really comes out as a holistic supportive community that strives to bring out the best in her students by pushing its mission and vision to nurture them to become world-class citizens with a passion to explore and understand the world around them through transformative education.

To this end, every nerve of the school structure (the administration, teachers, maintenance workers, cleaners and drivers) is tuned in to support this end goal in their own big and small ways. Of particular notice and personal benefit  is the small class sizes that are ‘learning and socially friendly’ while allowing students and teachers to calibrate at the optimum level of identifying academic strengths, weaknesses and opportunities with the aim of individually resolving these accordingly.

While my parents thought I needed much more time to grow into Class 5, the Administration and my Teachers saw no problem in skipping me off to Class 6 with a firm belief in my capabilities. This decision has not been disappointing for me and neither will it be for others yet to follow. One huge factor that also resonates is Merton’s endeavor to make her students global citizens. The school liberates the minds of her students allowing them to engage in many learning opportunities such as community service, workshops and travel. Out of these are the several Merton ambassadors in all learning and working endeavors across the globe. I am incredibly lucky to have been a part of the School.

Terry Debrah Class of 2018

The majority of my educational years were spent at Merton, where I learnt so much about myself and strengthened my skills to take on the world. Having the privilege to engage in numerous extracurricular activities and community service projects earned me an award but more importantly made me a better person. Not to forget, Merton school has the best teachers who are full of zeal and always make time for their students. As a result I never hesitated to approach my teachers when faced with a problem in any of my subjects, which helped me improve academically.

The atmosphere at Merton allows for one to explore their own ideas and express themselves as part of the learning process. My most memorable moment in Merton was when I was sworn in as a Protocol prefect, that was the best opportunity ever. It wasn’t an easy task but I was able to handle my duties diligently and ensured there was discipline amongst students. I must say every parent should give their ward the Merton experience and you’ll be amazed at the outcome. Thank you Merton International School for making me who I am today. Forever a Merton baby.

Desmond Afedzie Class of 2018

I graduated from Merton in 2018, and I’m currently pursuing my BBA in Finance as well as a Master of Science in Business Analytics, both at the University of Iowa in the U.S. My 17 years at Merton – from the Montessori to the A level class – were filled with success, challenges and great memories. Through the various opportunities I was given, such as being Head Boy of Merton High School, I got to personally develop myself.

The experiences from Merton prepared me for my tertiary education. Just to name a few, Mr Aryeetey teaching us the importance of good time management and the “Devoir de Maison Speciale”, which was the extra homework Madam Whyte gave us. This prepared me for loads of assignments in university that needed to be done in a short time span.

I benefited from the small class sizes at Merton. It gave me the chance to have one on one discussions with the teachers and the teachers had equal attention for the students in class. I also built long-lasting friendships from my time at Merton. The extracurricular activities such as going to Burma camp for sports and the overnight French trips to Togo gave us a chance to bond and strengthen ties. Indeed, Merton prepared me for the real world, and my experiences in High School helped shape me to become who I am today.

Michael Aning IGCSE 2021

My time at Merton created an environment which enabled me unearth hidden abilities that I possessed. Meeting talented students and dedicated teachers enriched my experience and caused me to yearn to be at school each day.

The standard of excellence which was deeply rooted in all our classroom work ensured that there was no tolerance for an iota of mediocrity.

Furthermore, the plethora of extracurricular activities that were structured alongside the rigorous academic programme ensured that my skills were not only put to task in the classroom but in varied fields. I can confidently say that my time at Merton has helped me develop into a better individual and has given me vital tools to tackle the life ahead. I’m forever grateful for the years of my life spent at Merton.

Kwaku Somuah-Asamoah Head Boy, High School

I’ve been a student at Merton literally all of my life. From kindergarten all the way to sixth form. I have made many friends, laughed at many jokes, cried many tears and made many mistakes but I wouldn’t change my experience in any way.

There’s so much I’ve learnt about myself, as well as many life lessons and skills. From being respectful to being myself and standing up for all the right reasons, these lessons I will live by for the rest of my life.

Being in sixth form, I don’t look forward to the day I will stand on a stage in my gown and cap as my profile is read out because, I know that is the day I lose a part of my life. No more waking up enthusiastic about heading to school every day.  No more hanging out and chatting with my best friends. No more inspirational and or funny conversations with all the teachers I know. No more putting smiles on the faces of my juniors (or at least trying to). No more Merton!

Nana Kwame Opoku Ware Ampomah IGCSE 2021

I’ve been a member of the Merton family for most of my life. I joined the Montessori in September 2007, almost 14 years ago! It was a great experience meeting many people of different backgrounds and the dedicated staff really brought out the best in students, truly raising a standard of excellence.

I am grateful to Merton for everything it has given me.

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