Mr. Isaac Somua Nyarko

Vice Principal

Mr. Isaac Somua Nyarko completed his Bachelors of Education degree at the University of Education Winneba in 1997. He holds a Commonwealth Executive MBA from The University of Science and Technology. He has also attended several courses on school management and educational leadership and holds a Diploma in Theology.

Starting off as a secondary school teacher in 1997, Isaac cut his teeth as a Science and Agricultural Science teacher at a secondary school located in one of the rural areas in Ghana. There, convinced that a lot more was required to reach students with generally poor entry levels, Isaac began to rethink his teaching philosophy. This led to the development of more creative approaches to the teaching and learning of science in particular. In the year 2001, after a year in another school, He joined Merton International High school, first as a Primary School teacher and later as a High School teacher. Prior to becoming Head Teacher of the High school, Isaac served in many important school leadership roles including Head of Department and Head of High School section.

Over the years, Mr. Nyarko developed not only an expertise for, but also a passion for school leadership and pedagogy. Underpinning his philosophy is a strong belief in the school system as a vehicle for developing problem solvers and critical thinkers who understand their role in a global village. A strong believer in the outdoors, Mr. Nyarko has organized several school trips. Today, Isaac Nyarko is a learning coach and as Vice Principal of Merton International Primary and High school, he is constantly excited about the visible positive change he observes among the students on a daily basis.

‘Established in 1998, Merton International Primary and School profiles a student body which are buoyant in their physical activity, keen in their cognitive reception, practical in their application and pliant to the values that underscore the finest qualities of the World Citizen.’