Mrs. Elizabeth Baitie

CEO & Principal

Mrs. Elizabeth Baitie is the CEO of Merton International Primary and High School. She is an educator with extensive professional training, vast experience in the education sector and a deep-seated commitment to "raising a standard of excellence" in Ghana's education landscape.

Mrs. Baitie was trained in the United Kingdom at the Froebel College, Roehampton, London. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in education and worked in the U.K as a teacher for several years, until she moved to Ghana in 1987 to provide world-class education to Ghanaian children.

Under her leadership, Mrs. Baitie transformed Merton. She pioneered the Montessori Method in Ghana, Merton Nursery being one of the first schools to switch from the traditional educational method, which focused on rote learning to the Montessori Method. Following her success with Merton Montessori, Mrs. Baitie jointly established Merton International Primary and Secondary School with her husband and business partner, Mr. R. A. Baitie.

Mrs. Baitie is a change-maker, and this is evidenced in Merton's track record. Under her leadership, the school successfully runs the Cambridge Primary School Program, IGCSE and A Level with student performance steadily increasing. Merton students have won several awards at the British Council PSGN Awards, which recognises excellence at the IGCSE and A Level across Ghana. Several alumni have attended world-class institutions such as Grinnell College, Warwick University, University of Iowa, University of Ghana, etc and become medical doctors, lawyers, aerospace engineers, IT professionals, broadcasters, etc

Her passion to create positive impact goes beyond creating needed change in the classroom and extends to community service initiatives. This has resulted in Merton leading significant fundraising campaigns for projects such as the re-roofing of Mamprobi South ‘4’ Basic School. Mrs. Baitie has worked to ensure students are actively involved and develop not only leadership skills but a s sense of civic duty to positively contribute to Ghanaian society,

A committed Christian Educationist, Mrs. Baitie ensures that the Merton education is also rooted in biblical principles and teachings. She has a passion for children, is people oriented and believes that children have a world of potential just waiting to be tapped. Mrs Baitie is committed to nurturing and assisting children at Merton and beyond develop their full potential.

‘Established in 1998, Merton International Primary and School profiles a student body which are buoyant in their physical activity, keen in their cognitive reception, practical in their application and pliant to the values that underscore the finest qualities of the World Citizen.’