Ms. Eleanor Dadsi

HR/Admin Manager

Ms. Eleanor Dadsi, Human Resource and Administrative Manager of Merton International School joined Merton in September 2000 as a teacher in the Primary School after obtaining her Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Ghana. Prior to that she had worked as a Teaching Assistant at the Zoology Department, for her National Service.

While teaching at Merton, she also obtained professional qualifications in Business Management/Administration and Human Resource Management. After a 4year stint in the classroom where she taught Primary Year 2, she assumed the role of Administrative Officer of Merton in January 2005. As an Admin Officer, she also continued to tackle her administrative duties together with occasional stints in the classroom as a substitute teacher.

In March 2013, Eleanor Dadsi became the Admin & HR Manager for Merton, a role she performed until April 2015 when she joined the British International School as the Human Resource and Administration Manager. Ms Dadsi returned to Merton International School in January 2017 to continue her work as the Admin & HR Manager, a role which gives expression to her passion to work in a child centered environment.

While in administration, Ms Dadsi has continued to give expression to her passion for teaching by working as a substitute teacher in the Primary, handling years 3, 4 and 6 when needed.

‘Established in 1998, Merton International Primary and School profiles a student body which are buoyant in their physical activity, keen in their cognitive reception, practical in their application and pliant to the values that underscore the finest qualities of the World Citizen.’